An inspirational interview with a passionate homeopath,

A true inspiaration, a passionate homeopath, a loving person to interview.


It is our great pleasure to have Dr Sunil, who is going to share his inspiring life journey.

Few words about Dr Sunil:

Dr Sunil is a homeopathic consultant having 25 years of experience.


He has cured almost all types of diseases in every age group with homeopathy. he has trained  hundreds of doctors to practice homeopathy. he is a national speaker and talked in seminars all over India.

Lets welcome our much awaited guest, Dr Sunil.

So let’s start with a brief introduction of today’s mentor. 

Mahesh: welcome to homeopcos blog. Tell us in brief about yourself.

Dr Sunil: I’m Dr Sunil and I am passionate about Homeopathy. I’m practicing since 30 yrs.

Mahesh: great. It’s long 25 yrs. Tell us how it started? Means was it a coincidence or not?

Dr Sunil: Actually, it was a decided path. No coincidence at all. My father was a Homeopath and hence since early childhood, I have seen him cure a lot of maladies with Homeopathy. So you may say, Homeopathy is in our genes.

Mahesh: that’s great again. How were the early days of your practice ? As you said, you have a homeopathic background, I think it was much easier to settle in practice?

Dr Sunil: No. Not like that. On the contrary, you are more prone to get compared in such conditions. Same happened with me also. As my father has a huge experience of practice, patients also seek the same type of results in same time from you, which is quite difficult most of the time.

So, I had gone through the same hurdles and problems as any New practising Homeopath faces. 

Mahesh: it’s quite inspiring to everyone here who are seeking Homeopathy or may practice Homeopathy in near future.

Tell us your daily routine. 

Dr Sunil: I am an early waker. I go to bed around 11pm and wake up approximately at 4.30am.


I do my routine work out for 30 minutes then go for a walk for 30 minutes. I then read my favourite books on homeopathy for 1 to 2 hours.

After a balanced breakfast, I check today’s appointment status. Plan for the day and reach at my consulting chamber at around 10 am.

At 2pm, I take my lunch and take a short snap for half an hour.

At 3pm, I study some unsolved or new cases. Then take a cup of hot coffee and go to Home.

At 6pm, my evening schedule starts which ends at 9.30pm to 10pm.

Before going to bed, I meditate for 15 minutes as I am a spiritual person. In between, I check my social media if time permits and for some forwarded reports of patients.

Mahesh: it’s really interesting one. I know you are a avid reader. Tell us what are you reading at present. 

Dr Sunil: mostly, I read books on homeopathy. Other than that, I keep reading books on Spiritualism and inspiration also.

Books are true friends, mentor, guide. keep reading.

Presently, I’m working on my own book on Life and lessons.

Mahesh: that’s again a positive surprise for all of us. Tell us, how  you manage to spend time with your family, in such busy schedule?

Dr Sunil: I am blessed with two kids both are very good at singing and dancing. So in evening, early morning and on weekends, we are in touch with eachother. At dinner also, we share our daily routine in a happy way.

Mahesh: Such a nice experience you shared with our readers. 

What’s the last message you want to give to our New practising Drs and going to be practitioners.

Dr Sunil

Success is just a road, not destination.

Work hard and you will surely get results.

Keep faith in yourself and almighty God.

Most important, live life fully. Say gratitude to Nature and almighty God for such a precious life.


And last but not the least, make yourself busy on social media only for some good things, which may be helpful for society. Plan your daily routine clearly so most of the time would be productive.

daisy, flower, single flower

Keep reading good books instead of watching news channels and some dumb movies.

Have a great day ahead.


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